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Friday, 11 January 2008

This advance preparation of input files for four selected structural indicators is designed to facilitate the user to start the application without having to perform the task of preparing input files from official data for these indicators for established targets. For each of them the line to target is calculated between the actual for 2000 and the target in 2010 under the assumption of a required constant rate of growth of the indicator in this period. He/she can save these input files to the hard disk of the computer and then by using the browse button on the monitoring application run the desired input file.

Selected structural indicators (to save file to disk, right click on file and choose Save target as in Internet Explorer and Save link as in Mozilla browser:

  1. Total employment rate Lisbon 1 target 70%
  2. Employment rate females Lisbon 1 target 60%
  3. Employment rate for older workers Lisbon 1 target 50%
  4. RD in GDP Lisbon 1 target 3%
  5. R&D in GDP NRP targets

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