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Wednesday, 30 September 2009
SICENTER with the free Web tool enables a variety of interested users such as international and national organizations, NGOs, experts, students and media to monitor implementation of targets in the time dimension from the Lisbon and NRP targets in the case of EU and for MDGs or other planned, budget, or aid disbursement targets at world, regional, national, sub-national or business levels. 
A new template to facilitate the user with the preparation of the input file for our free web monitoring tool is provided below. This template enables you to paste the corresponding actual data of your choice in the block format (simple copy paste). It also calculates linear or exponential lines to targets according to your assumptions and combines it with actual data. This greatly reduces the amount of time needed to prepare the input file from a structured database.   

Template: Web_tool_preparation_1.0.xlt

Data entered into the template should be saved as ‘Microsoft Excel Workbook 97-2003 version’ (.xls), and not as Template (.xlt). Notwithstanding that the template when opened in Excel 2007 shows "Read Only" users of Excel 2007 version can enter the data into the template and save it under a new name as Excel 97-2003 version. Such saved input file can then be imported into the web monitoring tool using the 'browse' button in the tool. 

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