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Tuesday, 26 February 2008
In the Strategic report on the renewed Lisbon strategy for growth and jobs: launching the new cycle (2008-2010) the Commission in the Statistical Annex provided the results of annual progress for member countries.  

From this information S-time-distance tables for implementation for 27 countries for Lisbon 1 targets for total employment rate and that for females and older workers are calculated and can serve as an input into substantive analysis and policy debate. Using the free web tool for monitoring at allows each interested user to calculate details and to get also the graphic presentation.

Even with progress in employment in the last years the total employment rate for EU15 is still 2 years behind the line to target of total employment rate of 70% in 2010, for EU25 and EU27 about 3 years. The good message is that the time lag behind the line to target did not increase further after 2004; in the next four years further acceleration might decrease the delay.  

In political terms the more relevant comparison in the monitoring process is between the actual country performance and their particular NRP targets, the time distance lead or lag for 16 countries is presented. It is unfortunate that for 11 countries their NRP targets for total employment rate as one of the cornerstone of the Growth and Jobs strategy were not provided in the Commission Report. This should be corrected to confirm the overall political commitment to the process.

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