Time Matrix Calculator
Monday, 01 October 2018

Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana and SICENTER, Ljubljana, Slovenia



2. Time Matrix Calculator

Time matrix is an original possibility of additional presentation of time series data. In the usual time series table data of the indicator (e.g. life expectancy) are organised in relation to the descriptors, like units (e.g. countries) and time (e.g. years). The time matrix presents the original data (or some approximations) in an alternative way: descriptors are units and levels of the indicator and the value in the field of the table are times when such levels were attained.

Time matrix condenses information over many units and years from standard time series statistical tables (from about 550 entries in the input file), into much smaller number of about 140 entries, which is a great advantage for presentation and visualisation providing a good summary overview of the situation at a glance.

The year presented in bold show the latest presented year of the indicator for the given country. It can help to quickly observe whether there was a noticeable decrease in later years in the observed period.

As an example the study ‘EU at a Glance’ presents an easily understandable overview of 30 selected indicators over 28 EU countries in time, which is probably the most condensed current summary picture of disparities and dynamics in the EU countries over many domains over time (http://www.gaptimer.eu/images/stories/European%20Union%20at%20a%20Glance.pdf)