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Wednesday, 05 December 2012

Professor Pavle Sicherl prepared a presentation on eGovernment measurement - The role and the time perspective on indicators

United Nation Public Administration Network published under UN E-Government Survey in the News on November 7, 2012 the news – ‘17 Nations Discusses the UN eGovernment Indexes in Bahrain’:

“For the first time in the world, a Global Expert Workshop was organized by the eGovernment Authority (eGA) in order to discuss all the United Nations eGovernment indexes, with the participation of elite countries, the United Nations, International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and ICT experts. Pavle Sicherl, Professor in Economics at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia presented the first paper of the workshop entitled 'eGovernment Measurement - The role and the Time Perspective on Indicators'. He highlighted the key findings from the 2012 survey which include eGovernment survey rankings by countries and regions, the steady improvement in all the indicators of the eGovernment development index and an imbalance remains in the digital divide between developed and the developing countries.”

Professor Sicherl suggested several points for discussion:
1. Sustainable development requires that the analysis is broadened.
2. Static measures alone are inadequate.
3. To enable the dynamic comparability of the composite indices it would be advisable to make a change in the standardization process.
4. Absolute values of original data and indicators should be analysed in addition to the static comparison and composite indicators, at regional and at the country level.
5. Open data access to selected original data and indicators would be an important help to the countries for comparing the evolution over time.

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