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Monday, 15 November 2010

ICT solutions for innovative economic and social development

Centre for eGovernance Development (CeGD) and Microsoft delivered in October in Portorož, Slovenia a three-day conference event targeted at government policymakers and decision makers focused on how technology can transform the public sector in citizen services, education, and healthcare.

Professor Pavle Sicherl in his presentation discussed first the role of indicators in knowledge-based governance and its knowledge and political aspects. For efficient and transparent decision making we do not need only data and indicators but also better measures used in the analysis, presentation and semantics of discussing these issues as indispensable elements from which the perceptions and decisions are formed. Experience and databases at the international level were presented with particular focus on the ICT sector. Examples of applications of the novel generic statistical measure S-time-distance as an analytical, presentation and communication tool for benchmarking and monitoring of implementation of targets at various levels were shown. In principle they could be also applied to key performance indicators (KPI) in business. On the global level the analysis showed that the speed of diffusion of ICT sector indicates its much greater potential for catching up and becoming an important instrument to reduce world disparities.

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