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Thursday, 01 March 2012

Book: Time Distance in Economics and Statistics - New Insights from Existing Data

The book on time distance methodology by Professor Pavle Sicherl was published in Vienna. The time perspective, which no doubt exists in human perception when comparing different situations, is systematically introduced in comparative analysis both as a concept and as a quantifiable measure. Time distance is an innovative approach for looking at time-series data, it offers two improvements in the present state-of-the-art of comparative analysis.

The first one is analytical and statistical – two novel generic statistical measures S-time-distance and S-time-step are generalised to complement conventional measures in time series comparisons, regressions, models, forecasting and monitoring, and to provide from existing data new insights due to an added dimension of analysis. Expressed in time units they are intuitively understandable; they can be compared across variables, fields of concern, and units of comparison.

The second component is normative and theoretical, related to subjective perceptions, policy and welfare issues. Time distance concept can influence the perception and decisions of people when they are assessing their relative position in the society and across countries over time. Concept of the ‘overall degree of disparity’ combines static and time distance measures of disparity with the potential to bring new understanding in economics, management, research and statistics. Empirical applications analyse time distance differences between countries in the world, OECD and EU, regional disparities, transition depression, ICT and digital divide, and monitoring implementation of UN MDGs and Lisbon strategy in the EU.

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