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Saturday, 04 April 2009

A New Perspective Related to Time

The time distance approach can contribute a broader way of thinking and changed semantics into the present state-of-the-art of comparative analysis. At the 10th Bled Forum on Europe there was a parallel workshop ‘Foresight Training Workshop for Participants from South East Europe’. Presentation by Pavle Sicherl discussed the potential benefits of time distance method that include also benchmarking evaluation of the starting situation, a presentation and communication tool to describe, compare and visualise findings of scenarios in a new dimension and continuous monitoring for targeted actions. The presentation Sicherl Foresight Training seminar Bled.ppt is available online.

More details about elements to be used in foresight are available in an older background paper for the US-EU Seminar: New Technology Foresight, Forecasting & Assessment Methods, Seville, 13-14 May, 2004. Pavle Sicherl presented the poster on the time distance method in foresight analysis with background paper.

Possible benefits of importing time distance method into foresight analysis

  • A novel generic statistical measure S-time-distance with clear interpretability
  • A presentation and communication tool to influence policy making and public opinion
  • Exploiting information resources and visualisation of findings in new ways
  • A new specific time dimension view of data providing additional insights from existing time related databases for gap analysis, goodness-of-fit, scenarios and monitoring
  • A broader concept to compare situations for policy analysis and debate in two dimensions allowing for developing and exploring new hypotheses and perspectives
  • It is a new complementary view of the information adding additional dimension(s) to analysis and policy debate when used jointly with other methods
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